Program Details 培训信息

Objectives 目的 : 

To get rising market professionals up to speed on emerging topics in financial markets within Asia.


Dates 日期 :

Twelve (12) monthly sessions, from January 2022 to December 2022, 60-90 minutes per session

2022年1-12月,每月一次, 每节60-90分钟

Medium of Instruction 授课语言 :

Putonghua (Mandarin)


Mode of Instruction 授课形式 :

Online (Webinar via Zoom supported by exclusive access to the Series on ASIFMA Portal)

Zoom网络研讨会 (凭网站登录取得更多课程教育资源)

Series Fees 系列费用 :

USD$220 for ASIFMA member firms and Partner Associations ; USD$270 for Non-members


Admission 报名 Register

  • Access is not transferrable between individuals and will be monitored both during the webinars and on the Portal.
  • No refund will be provided after registration for cancellations.
  • Individual participants please proceed to register on this webpage with online credit card payment.
  • For bulk registrations (10 participants or more via a firm coordinator), a 20% discount on the total fees will be offered. See details here. You may contact to check whether your firm has designated a registration coordinator yet.
  • Individuals who register via this online registration webpage will not qualify for bulk registration discount.
  • 课程使用权不得转让他人,参加网络研讨会和访问网站时均将进行监控。
  • 报名成功后概不退款
  • 个人参与者请继续通过在线信用卡付款在此网页上报名。
  • 团体报名(公司协调人为10名或以上学员统一报名),对总费用给予20%折扣。请参阅此处的详细信息。您可以联系,确认您的公司是否已有指定的报名协调人。
  • 通过此在线报名网页报名的个人将不符合团体报名折扣的资格。

ASIFMA Members 亚证协会员

  • ASIFMA member rate is applicable for member only. Please click HERE​​​ to check if your firm is a member before proceeding to the next page. 
  • 亚证协会员费用仅适用于会员。在进入下一页之前,请单击此处查看您的公司是否亚证协会员。

Partner Associations 合作伙伴协会

  • Discount is offered to Partner Associations. Please select "Non-member" category and input the appropriate Discount Code to enjoy the offer.
  • 折扣提供给合作伙伴协会。请选择"非会员"类别,并输入适当的折扣代码 (Discount Code) 以享受优惠。

Topics 话题

Our full list of topics is below (although these are subject to change if more relevant topics emerge over the year).

  • International Bond Markets and Southbound Bond Connect
  • Data, Privacy and the Cloud
  • How Global Firms Approach Risk Management
  • Regulatory Dynamics: China and Offshore Standards
  • Non-Bank Financial Institutions (NBFIs)
  • Accelerating the Settlement Cycle: T+0/ T+1/ T+2 
  • ESG and Sustainable Finance
  • CNY vs CNH: Trading and Settlement
  • Digitalisation: Tokenised Securities and CBDCs Explained
  • Derivatives in and outside China: Exchange Traded, OTC and Netting
  • Primary Markets: Offshore IPOs and Bond Issuance Explained
  • Greater Bay Area Development: Current and Future Schemes


  • 国际债券市场与债券南向通
  • 数据、隐私与云
  • 全球机构的风险管理
  • 监管动态:中国与离岸标准
  • 非银行金融机构(NBFIs)
  • 加速结算周期:T+0/ T+1/ T+2 
  • ESG与可持续金融
  • 在岸人民币与离岸人民币:交易和结算
  • 数字化:代币化证券与央行数字货币(CBDC)
  • 境内与境外的衍生品:场内、场外与净额结算
  • 一级市场:离岸IPO与债券发行
  • 大湾区发展:当前与未来规划

Inquiries 联系方式

Please visit the Website of ASIFMA Training Series China Edition for more details. For further inquiries, contact ASIFMA Education & Training at